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TJ and his Wheelable Chair

TJ cannot walk or talk, but he still loves to listen and play with his friends.  Join TJ as he shows that disabilities are no barrier to a happy and fulfilling life..

TJ and his Wheelable Chair was first published in 2016 in the hope that we could take the reader on a journey through TJ's eyes and show how TJ is just like other children his age who like to play, have fun and friends to share these experiences with. 


About The Author

Amanda is originally from Dublin, Ireland and lives in Kildare with her husband and three beautiful children, Emily, Tadhg (TJ) and Dylan.  Amanda's first book 'TJ and his Wheelable Chair' was published in 2016 and is based on her son TJ who is both intellectually and physically disabled.  TJ is non-verbal and Amanda wanted to write this book from TJ's perspective so children can ask the questions that need to be asked and hopefully the book will help parents / teachers to answer their questions.  

Amanda published her second book in 2020 "The Adventures of TJ and his Wheelable Chair" which again takes the reader on a new adventure with TJ.  


The Adventures of TJ and his Wheelable Chair

TJ takes you on a new adventure as he travels to London and shares with you all the fun things he sees on his adventure and again shows how disabilities are no barrier to a happy and fulfilling life.

This is the second book in the series and was inspired by many questions I was asked about TJ at school and library visits.  I decided to write this book about exciting adventures that TJ has taken in the past and share these experiences to open up further conversation and understanding towards children with disabilities.

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